La Novia has proved a great Fishing platform.  She is fast enough to keep lures working well, even in light airs.  The Aerorig is a big advantage, allowing us to de-power her quickly when a large fish strikes and there is enough space on the rear deck to move about when playing a serious game fish. 

We have caught and released more than a dozen Marlin up to over 300 lbs, Wahoo and Trevally to just under 50 lbs, Yellow Fin Tuna to 300 lbs as well as Dorado, Kingfish, big Mackerel and even a rare Long Billed Spearfish.  For the gear-heads among  you, we use 50 lb stand up outfits with Tiagra 50 widespool reels holding 1100 yds of 130 lb dacron braid.  Our most successful lure was a 9” black and gold Hexhead.

If you can find some really fresh pelagic fish you might like to try our favourite recipe.  It works best with Tuna, Dorado, and Yellowtail Kingfish.

Cajun Seared Tuna

First make a dip from a mixture of soy sauce and wasabi paste.  Begin with the wasabi in a small bowl or container and add soy sauce very slowly to the wasabi paste.  Continue to add soy sauce until the mixture is as hot as you like it.  If you add the wasabi to the soy sauce instead, you will find that you end up with a very lumpy mixture.

Cut rectangular steaks from the prime fillet of tuna approximately 2 inches by 3/4 inch in cross-section and 6 inches long.  Dust the damp fish with Cajun seasoning powder.  Heat a little olive oil in a non-stick frying pan until it starts to smoke and sear the steaks for 10 seconds on each side.  Do not cook for longer than this. 

Place the fish in the fridge to cool down.  When cold, slice each steak thinly across the cross-section with a very sharp knife to produce slices 2 inches by 3/4 inch by about 1/8 inch in thickness.  These slices should have a cooked  rim of about 1/8 inch all round and should be completely raw in the middle.

Dip a slice in the soy-wasabi mixture and eat. Wow factor for rice and salad with almost no calories!