This is the story of La Novia's Circumnavigation, a tale of sailing, wildlife, fishing, travel and family life aboard an unusual yacht.

It offers a perspective on the Aerorig - from a skipper who has actually sailed 40,000 miles with one.

Above all, it's here for families out there who would like to Sell up and Sail Away and want to know more about the realities of ocean cruising with children.

Why does that inner voice call out to us?  A love of the sea and of sailing; wanderlust or an urge to explore the world's few remaining remote corners;  a craving to see the world as a traveller rather than as a tourist;  revulsion at the cynical pantomime of politics; despair at the breakdown of society in Europe and America;  realisation that we should work to live, not the other way around;  a desire to experience life outside the Matrix, to know real freedom at least once in a lifetime. All good reasons to change our lives.

Or maybe as our parents maintain, it is just another midlife crisis.
Perhaps they were right, but as midlife crises go, this was a blast.

There is no ballot paper or polling booth.  This is one vote you can only cast with your feet.